“Whatever an action may be, there is a result. And for every result there is an action or cause. This is the cause and effect system which never fails.” - Vethathiri Maharishi

Just as the liquid takes the shape of the container in the same way education in Arya flows into the body and take the shape of man. Let us all aim to build bridges of friendship and trust, bridges of honesty and respect, so that together we can build a future for our children, a future in which they feel secure, a future from which they gain strength, a future which they can endure. So, today let us take a pledge to build bridges of hope, bridges that are spanned by rainbows of a bright tomorrow.

History Behind The Instituition:

“Arya Vidhyasshram International Residential School” is the dream project of three great gentlemen namely Thiru.S.Stalin, Managing Trustee, Thiru.G.Dhandapani Chairman, Thiru.B. Mohan Babu, Joint Managing Trustee.

Our initial plan was to establish a technical college, especially Women’s Polytechnic, but on further discussions we realized that an Institution with International quality and unique features will be a gift to the future leaders of Gudiyattam.

This is the story behind the realization of Arya Vidhyasshram International Residential School and we laid the foundation on 24.11.2014, Monday in the early morning hours around 4.30 am with the help of our Trust Members and others. The master mind of this entire Project Architect is Mr. R.G. Ramesh Khumaar right from the beginning to till date for the bright success.

Children of this electronic era are already talented with hidden potential. All we need to do is to unfold it, help to nurture, grow and perform. Preserve and protect it with timely updating. “Survival of the fittest” is the order of the day. To excel in every field, we have to set foot, work hard with consistent efforts, with unity and harmony in every sphere, holding the urge to acquire updated knowledge, discipline to the core, respect for elders, the indomitable nerve to defeat defeats, the determination to fight all evils, the courage to speak the truth and love for Motherland.

“Arya means Quality

Quality means Arya”

I convey my sincere felicitation to the school for its efforts in shaping the young minds and developing them to blossom as a responsible citizen.

Best Wishes