For science and other subjects which require Practicals, training is provided in the laboratory.

Science Lab

The school has a well-designed composite science lab which is fully equipped as per the guidelines laid by CBSE. These Labs facilitate first hand experience of learning different concepts of science and in developing scientific reasoning through experiments / practical work.

Language lab

The language lab, guided by trained faculty, activates, and enhances the self learning process and provides a space for the students in developing their skills through cognitive tasks. It carries interactive features such as listening and voice recording, blends instructor led training and computer based training.

Arya CBSE School

Mathematics Lab

In line with the philosophy of experiential learning, Arya Vidhyassharam provides a well-equipped Mathematics Lab to enhance the understanding of the subject by practical means.

The lab enables the teacher to demonstrate and explain mathematical ideas by using concrete objects. models, charts, graphs and pictures. Through these multiple teaching and learning aids the students explore mathematical concepts and verify facts and theorems through a variety of activities. This builds the students' interest and confidence in the subject and removes fear. At Arya Vidhyassharam, the Origami is leveraged by the Mathematics teacher for making the models to explain the concepts of surface area and volume for various geometrical shapes and related theory.

Computer Lab

Smart Class makes abstract concepts more clear. In the present trend amidst rapid development in science and technology, the SMART CLASS has brought about a revolution in the teaching learning process.

This has benefited the visual, auditory and the kinesthetic learner. This program has offered many strategies to all students for achieving success that will last a lifetime.